Jeff Wheeler
cell/text: 215.815.9167

Real Estate
In the current real estate market you need every advantage you can get. Taking photos with a point and shoot, or with a DSLR on auto isn't going to cut it. For that hard to sell listing that needs an extra boost, or that exclusive listing that really needs to sparkle, contact Jeff Wheeler, and I'll take care of the rest.

Your prospective clients will really get excited when you tell them you're going to offer them magazine quality photos for their home. 

Interior Design 
Your portfolio is the most tangible marketing asset you have for prospective clients. A phenomenal interior will not come through in your average snapshot. You need extremely high quality photos to get every detail, and reflect all the effort you've put into a project. 

I produce crisp, sharp, dynamic, evenly exposed photos. Interiors offer challenges for inexperienced photographers, washed out windows, bent walls, etc. To really convey the feeling of a space through photographs leave the photography to the professionals.